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Currently, the Botanical Garden employs approximately 100 employees.

There are 16 sections each looked after by a head gardener. Our head gardeners are master craftsmen with decades of experience, each supervising their own team of gardeners, assistant gardeners and trainees.

The Greenhouses

Garden area

The head gardeners of the glasshouse complex are managed by the Horticultural Engineer Dr. Till Hägele, those of the garden area are managed by the Chief Inspector of Horticulture (Gartenoberinspektorin) Eva Schmidbauer. The technical and horticultural operations as well as the workshop are under the supervision of the Chief Engineer Stefan Wiegert.

One of the main strengths of the Munich Botanical Garden is the work of three scientists associated with the Botanical Garden who maintain the scientific documentation of the plant collection: Dr. Andreas Gröger, Dr. Simon Pfanzelt, and Dr. Katharina Bohley. It is most important that each plant species growing in our Garden receives its correct scientific name and is duly recorded. Only then will we be able to meet the requirements of our own research standards, satisfy requests from other external scientists for plant material and fulfil the promise of comprehensive information we are striving to pass on to our visitors.

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