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Instructions for using your audio device

A few words on how to use your audio device

The individual listening stations are marked with an audio symbol and a number.

If you would like to hear information about a plant or a particular greenhouse area, please enter the three-digit number into your audio device, then press the Play button marked with a green triangle. To stop a text once it has begun, press the Stop button, marked with a red square.

If you have entered a wrong number, you can erase it by pressing the stop button.

If you would like to temporarily pause a text while it is playing, press the play button. To continue, press the play button again.

You can control the volume with the plus and minus buttons.

We hope you have an informative tour of the Botanic Garden with your audio guide.

Audio file download
Instructions for using your audio device (MP3, 356 KB)

Audio production and copyright: Soundgarden Audioguidance GmbH

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