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Introduction: Climatic conditions in the palm house

The Palm House is the largest conservatory of the Botanic Garden, and, at 20 meters, also the tallest. It’s named for the family of palm trees, whose slender trunks are characteristic of tropical rain forests.

The plants you see here are from the rain forests of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. As you may notice, the air is warm and moist; it would be even warmer in a lowland rain forest. The climate in this house is similar to that in areas of medium elevation in the tropics. The humidity ranges from 70 to 90 percent, and the temperature averages 20 degrees Celsius. The temperature never drops below 18 degrees here, and in the summer, in direct sunlight, can reach more than 35 degrees. Just like in natural forests, the temperature is higher in the canopy than near the forest floor. The reverse is true of relative humidity, which decreases with distance from the ground. For this reason, soft-leaved plants only grow in the shade of hard-leaved trees.

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Text: Günter Gerlach, Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg

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