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Introduction: Africa and Madagascar house

This third hall showcases plants that are especially adapted to arid conditions. Most of them come from Africa or Madagascar, but there are also specimens from Arabia and the Canary Islands.

This space is dominated by very large wolf’s milk plants, which look a bit like cacti. Also quite noticeable are the aloes and the dragon tree, which occupies the front end of the middle bed. The central part of eastern wall is dedicated to the plants of Madagascar, including representatives of the Didieriaceae, found nowhere else in the world. These are thick-trunked plants with needle-like thorns that resemble cacti in their physical appearance. The peripheral areas of the building also include some plants form the New World.

The Africa and Madagascar House was renovated by an office of the Bavarian state government in 1995. The acquisition and installation of the stone was generously carried out by the Society of Friends of the Munich Botanic Garden. The stone used in this and the adjacent houses is dark gneiss from Austria.

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Text: Ehrentraud Bayer, Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg

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