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Pachypodium lamerei: Thick-footed succulents

The genus Pachypodium is one such example. About 20 species are found in Madagascar and five in southern Africa. The plant you see here is the Malagasy Pachypodium lamerei. The Latin genus name of Pachypodium is appropriate; in English, it means „thick-footed“. As is typical for this genus, it stores water in its thick-bottomed trunk. The trunk is usually covered in cactus-like thorns, and protected from drying out by a hard, leathery rind. Pachypodium lamerei grows quickly, and can attain a height of up to 6 meters. For this reason, and thanks to its pretty, white flowers, it has become a popular houseplant.

Gardeners often know it as the Madagascar palm – a misleading name, as it’s not botanically related to the palm family. It actually belongs to the dogbane family, or Apocynaceae, which also includes oleander and periwinkles.

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Text: Ehrentraud Bayer, Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg

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