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Introduction: The climate in the Victoria house

The Victoria House is one of the warmest conservatories in the Botanic Garden. Its southern orientation ensures that it receives a lot of sunlight. These conditions are necessary to successfully cultivate tropical water lilies. For people from more temperate climes, this hot climate can be hard to bear, especially on sunny summer days. Usually, our bodies keep us cool by sweating, but the atmospheric humidity of almost 100 percent makes it difficult. When you leave the Victoria House, you may find the climate of the Palm House next door to be a relief. It’s only a few degrees cooler, but the humidity is only 75 percent. Most people also find the dry heat of the desert plant conservatories more comfortable.

It’s not only the water lilies in the central pool that appreciate the hot, humid climate of the Victoria House. In the beds along edge, you’ll find an interesting collection of trees and lianas from lowland tropical rain forests that will only grow in the atmosphere of this conservatory.

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Text: Günter Gerlach, Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg

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