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Natural pest control

You may have noticed small, open paper envelopes on many of the plants displayed in this conservatory. These are filled with sawdust that contains useful insects and other creatures that protect our plants. We buy these pest-eating creatures from companies that specialize in natural pest control.

Even here in the greenhouses, our plants are at risk of attack by pests. We need to keep them healthy, but want to avoid using poisonous chemical insecticides whenever possible. For your health, we’ve enlisted their natural enemies to help us fight off these pests.

Predatory mites are among the natural pest control agents we’ve enlisted. They attack the red spider mite, another species of mite that damages plants. Aphids and greenhouse whiteflies are a favorite food for the ichneumon fly, another one of our helpers. Australian ladybugs keep the warmer greenhouses safe: their larva prey on plant-destroying aphids. But please take note: the aphids look very similar to the ladybug larvae. If you see what looks like an oversized and unusually active aphid, it’s a friend, not a foe.

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Audio production and copyright: Soundgarden Audioguidance GmbH
Text: Günter Gerlach and Harald Loose, Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg

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