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Temperate house (house 11)

Like the Victoria house, this greenhouse is also subject to noticeable seasonal changes.

Flowering Azaleas and Camellias are a pleasure to look at in winter.

In winter, numerous container plants from warmer climates find refuge here and start flowering around Christmas. This first flower display is followed by an ever-increasing abundance of blooms. In summer, they are replaced by many pot plants, like the tuberous begonias or fuchsias. These exotic plants have taken to our gardens and nowadays hardly a gardener can imagine his gardens without them.


Plants from regions with a Mediterranean climate do not require warm temperatures in winter. However, their main growing period falls into that season and to support them they need a frost-free environment and enough water. They are native to South Africa, central Chile, California, and the Mediterranean Basin as well as to the forests and savannas with sclerophyllous communities of East Australia and Tasmania. In the summer, they prefer to be outdoors and their place will be taken by some popular pot plants. New as well as established varieties of fiery tuberous begonias, elegant fuchsias, geraniums boasting aromatic leaves and the bright yellow slipper flower convert this greenhouse into a glorious summer festival of blooms. At dusk, the group of magnificent Angel's Trumpets in the central planting area releases its fascinating perfume.

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Potted plants (summer)
Temperate house (winter)


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