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Tree ferns (house 10)

Sometimes visitors consider this greenhouse not very attractive, believing that without flowers ferns are not much to look at. It is true, of course, that ferns do not produce flowers in the usual sense. The plant group of ferns does, however, have features as attractive as blooms.

Ferns are quite different from other plants. For instance, they reproduce via (single-celled) spores instead of seeds. They could be considered leading an “alternative” way of life. However, adjectives like archaic or conservative would be more appropriate. Ferns obviously do not attract attention through their colourful blooms, although they do have a certain beauty. Their shoots unfurl into lavish to filigree and elegant structures.

Although ferns are also found in cold, high mountainous regions and will not even shun habitats with prolonged dry periods, they prefer a consistently warm to cool climate without any prolonged dry periods. The vast majority is not hardy and requires greenhouse cultivation.

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