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Mexico house Desert plants Carnivorous plants Aquatic plants with tropical fishes Victoria house Tropical economic plants Orchid house with turtles Africa and Madagascar house Palm house Large cactus house Grüner Saal (events, exhibits) Bromeliads and aroids Cycads Tree ferns Temperate house Staghorn ferns
Greenhouse plan (PDF), online map

There are three large greenhouses arranged in a row from west to east giving access to smaller specialist greenhouses. The first of the large greenhouses is home to drought tolerant plants from the Americas, whereas the last of the three is dedicated to the same plant group but native to the Old World. Both of them flanking the central tropicarium, a greenhouse dedicated to plants from the tropics, with its 21 m (69 ft) high glass dome.

Certain plants are marked with small red triangular numbered plaques. These indicate an audio location. Entering the appropriate number on your mobile audio equipment will start the playback informing you about that particular plant (in English or German). You can use your smartphone/tablet for signs with a QR barcode, provided you have Internet access.


Stone pillars in front of the entrance to the greenhouses

The first greenhouse to the right of the entrance is the orchid house, home to a great variety of over 2000 orchid species cultivated in the Botanical Garden. Next in line is the greenhouse dedicated to economic plants of the tropics, followed by the Victoria house, which has a hot and humid climate in summer and houses the temperate plants in winter. The aquatic plants greenhouse with its 15 aquariums comes next, followed by two greenhouses with succulents, the last one of which is dedicated to large cacti.
Facing north, immediately to the left of the entrance, there is a temperate house displaying numerous ornamental plants in summer and further back a heated greenhouse with epiphytic ferns. Also on the left, is the greenhouse featuring Tree Ferns, Begonias and Gesneriads, followed by the house of the ancient Cycads. In the last greenhouse to the left Bromeliads, Zingiberaceae and Araceae have found their home.

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