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The Garden's outdoor displays


View into the ornamental courtyard (photo webcam)

The formal displays of the ornamental courtyard may be admired in the low-lying area in front of the buildings of the Botanical Institute.

The new decorative vases complete the botanical institute.

Looking south, the view opens up to the grand staircase and the cafeteria. You will find a ramp for wheelchair access next to the grand staircase. The two square planting bed areas are separated by the water lily pool, its corners marked by four impressive Gunnera.

Dry stone walls studded with cushion plants and dwarf shrubs form a pleasant enclosure. A quite remarkable collection of tree peonies grows in the north-easternmost part, immediately in front of the dry stone walls.

The seasonal changes are particularly noticeable in the ornamental courtyard. After the spring flowers have finished the area is replanted. Later the full colours of summer are replaced by the glorious blooms of dahlias in late summer .

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