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News from the Alpine Garden

26th – 30th August 2015

View to the North

Cyananthus microphyllus

Diascia barberae

Eryngium bourgattii

Gentiana hexaphylla

Kniphofia caulescens

3rd – 5th August 2015

Allium macranthum

Aster farreri

Cremanthodium arnicoides

Eumorphia sericea

Leontopodium calocephalum


21th – 27th July 2015

The good summer weather of the past weeks with much needed rain and the following mists have allowed the plants to fully develop and flower. On the way up to the Alpine Garden keep your eyes open for Saxifraga caesia and Campanula cochlearifolia both of which can be found flourishing in rock crevices. Gentiana pannonica is coming into flower on the steep meadows behind Schachenhaus. In the Alpine Garden a diverse abundance of plants from the Himalaya, Alps and the Caucasus’ are in full flower. The plants growing in the Lesotho beds are coming into flower. It’s a great time to visit the Garden; we’ve reached the halfway mark, only six weeks until we close!

View to the Hochblassen

Aquilegia triternata

Centaurea uniflora

Gentiana froelichii

Gentiana pannonica

Meconopsis punice

Silene elisabethae

11th – 16th July 2015


View to the West

Calceolaria uniflora

Lilium monadelphum

Meconopsis horridula

Meconopsis prattii

Meconopsis racemosa

Primula secundiflora

Scorzonera purpurea subsp. rosea

9th July 2015

After the unexpected heat of the past week we are enjoying a cool moist period which gives both the plants and the gardeners a breather. At the moment we’re a week or so away from peak flowering. Most of the different Lilies are open or opening while various Meconopsis species and the Himalaya Primulas are in full flower. There’s lots to see so come and visit!

6th – 9th July 2015

Juncus jacquinii

Lilium martagon

Meconopsis henrici

Meconopsis × sheldonii

Primula involucrata

Primula reidii

Ranunculus ranunculoides

Rhododendron keleticum

21st – 27th June 2015

Just over a week ago the Alpine Garden opened for the summer. After a cold start, with snow last Saturday, the days are warming up and it seems that every day the number of flowers doubles. The beautiful blue flowers of Wulfenia carinthiaca cover a small hillock near the hut, attracting numerous bees and bumblebees. The first Lilium martagon flowers have opened and Lilium kesselringianum is not far behind. The buds on the Meconopsis × sheldonii are showing colour and will soon open.

We hope that you will visit and enjoy our garden with us.

Hochblassen and Alpspitz

Himalaya plant-group

25th – 30th June 2015

Adonis pyrenaica

Androsace mucronifolia

Arnebia pulchra

Dodecatheon pulchellum

Geranium sylvaticum

Megacarpaea polyandra

Ourisia ruelloides

Ranunculus amplexicaulis

Rhododendron ferrugineum 'Alba'

Rhododendron keleticum

Saxifraga retusa subsp. augustana

Trollius dschungaricus

Trollius pumila

10th June 2015

Androsace carnea subsp. laggeri

Megacarpaea polyandra

Oxygraphis polypetala

Primula amuela

Primula calderiana

Pulsatilla alpina

Ranunculus seguieri

Photos and text: Jennifer Wainwright-Klein

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