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The Alpine Garden on the Schachen

The Alpine Garden is open from 15th June until 7th September 2022.

Native alpines and rarities from the Himalaya

For over 100 years the Botanic Garden München-Nymphenburg manages a satellite garden in the Wetterstein Mountains; the Alpine Garden on the Schachen. At an altitude of 1,860 m conditions are conducive for the culture of approximately 1,000 different species of plants from a diverse range of mountains, stretching from the Bavarian Alps to the Himalayas and down to mountains of the southern hemisphere.

Gentiana angustifolia
Dendranthema zawadskii
Soldanella alpina
Leontopodium alpinum
Scorzonera purpurea subsp. rosea
Primula clusiana

Geographical location

Between the source of the Isar and Loisach rivers, approximately 90 km south of Munich, rise the Wetterstein Mountains. One of the large valleys in the heart of the Wetterstein Mountains is the Reintal, and on its southern flanks, at a height of 1,860 m, lies the Alpine Garden on the Schachen.

Opening times

From the middle of June until the end of August horticulturists from the Munich Botanic Garden care for the Alpine Garden. During this time the garden is open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Entrance fee: € 3.50

Lilium bulbiferum
Nomocharis aperta
Mertensia ciliata
Trollius europaeus
Viola calcarata
Crocus vernus

Getting there

The Alpine Garden is situated next to the Hunting Lodge of King Ludwig II. The two most popular trails to the Schachen are:

  1. From the Wanderparkplatz (hiking parking area) near Schloss Elmau via the Wetterstein Alm along the forestry road called the Koenigsweg. Hiking time: 3 – 3.5 hours; 10 km; 850 m difference in altitude; without any really steep parts.
  2. From Garmisch-Partenkirchen through the Partnachklamm and up the Kaelbersteig. Hiking time: 4 – 4.5 hours, although can take longer for those not used to hiking in the mountains; 9 km; 1,150 m difference in altitude; steep parts in the Kaelbersteig.

More detailed information can be found under getting to the Schachen.

Contact and queries

Queries can be directed to:

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Phone: +49 89 17861-310

Photos: Jennifer Wainwright-Klein, Botanical Garden München-Nymphenburg
Text: Andreas Gröger, Botanical Garden München-Nymphenburg

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