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Helpful tips


These webpages have been designed for easier access by people with impairments.

Enlarging the image

On your computer go to the “view” menu and select “font size” or “zoom”. The following keyboard shortcuts will work with new generation browsers:

Blurred images/graphics after scale down

Chrome from version 46 and Chromium-based web browsers (e.g. Microsoft Edge) show blurry images/graphics after scaling down. FireFox doesn't have this problem, which exists since 2015.

Orientation for visually handicapped people

Right at the top of each page there is a direct link to the “content” page. The search field is in the top right corner. At the bottom of each page there is a link “back to top” which will bring you back to the beginning of the page.

Using your keyboard

You may navigate through these webpages simply by using your keyboard. Use the Tab key to move from link to link or from menu to menu. Use the Shift-Tab keys to move backward.

Additional access keys have been defined. Depending on your browser, these are activated with Shift-Alt plus one of the following number keys:

Searching for content

The search feature is in the top right corner, next to the Main Menu. Enter your search term in this field. Then press the large Enter key respectively Return key to start the search.

For some of the search terms no search results will be displayed, instead you will jump straight to the appropriate page.

PDF files

To view PDF files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader DC which can be downloaded free of charge.

QR barcode (quick response barcode)

In the Botanical Garden you may already have seen a similar 2D barcode in the greenhouses. With a smartphone and a free (or pre-installed) reader software, the content can be read.
So far we only use a link (URL) as content. Text is still possible, telephone call, SMS and business card (vCard). After photographing it the smartphone loads a website. For security reasons you should always look at the address (…) before accessing a website. Someone could have attached unwanted QR codes.

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